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All Massages are individualized to meet the client’s needs and desired treatment goals. I use my own custom blended massage oils and butters or unscented fractionated coconut oil, if preferred.

  • 60-Minute Massage    $100
  • 75-Minute Massage     $110
  • 90-Minute Massage    $120
  • 120-Minute Massage  $170


Massage techniques that may be used include:

  • Swedish Massage of varying pressures
  • Deep Tissue Treatment Work
  • Myofascial Release
  • Trigger Point Treatment
  • Stretching, Joint Mobility and Assessment



Reiki is a "spiritually-guided life energy."  Reiki as a technique promotes healing by helping reduce stress, promoting relaxation, and bringing back balance and harmony to your life.



As a Registered Aromatherapist, I can custom blend products for specific issues. May require a longer consultation. Please contact me for more information.



Complimentary hot towel with each massage.